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    Hey there!

    I'm the guy small business owners call when they're tired of doing it all.

Let's build the business of your system at a time.

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Small beginnings CAN lead to big paydays

I believe in setting entrepreneurs free from menial tasks so they can focus exclusively on the work they do—and get paid for—the best. When the right systems are in place as the foundation of your business, scaling up to make the big bucks is no longer a pipe dream...even if you're a solo service professional.

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Are your marketing messages irresistible?

We will craft the right content and features for your website so clients cannot wait to buy what you're selling. But we WON'T "write blogs and do social media marketing." See the difference? When you have an online salesperson working 24/7, you earn the luxury of saying "No" to prospects who aren't a perfect fit.

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Virtually guarantee your business' success

I will teach you how to dig into the mind of your market so you know exactly WHAT they're ready to purchase from you—and more importantly WHY. Are you honestly satisfied 100% with your business results to date, or do you know deep down you've barely cracked the surface of the potential impact you can have?

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What Clients Are Saying

“Over twenty-five plus years in business, I have worked with many organizations. I am glad to have found Joshua Lisec. After bringing him in to redesign my website, I recommended Joshua to one of my clients. Our client appreciated his strong writing ability and his responsiveness. Many times, I would receive a turnaround on changes literally within minutes. Very dedicated, creative, and technically knowledgeable on website design and social media.” ~ Antonette Lucente, Owner and President of Blue Gill Consulting Group LLC

“Joshua is a tremendous asset. In addition to his outstanding contributions to improving our procedures, practices, and policies, he consistently wrote creative and insightful pieces for our monthly newsletter, then pulled it all together into a smooth, clean, critically informative tool for our team members. His organizational skills helped make our recruitment process more efficient and effective in just a short period of time.” ~ Joy Magnuson, Human Resources Manager, One Call Now

“Have you ever heard anyone say, ‘He took those words right out of my mouth’? My experience with Joshua Lisec as the ghostwriter for my book has been exactly that. I highly recommend him. Spend time with Joshua to share the goals of your project, give him a hint of where you want your manuscript headed, and let him go to work!” ~ David Allen, Chairman of Buffalo Pacific LLC & President of Five Rivers Ministries

“Joshua commits to doing what is in his clients’ best interest every single time. Couple that commitment of his with professionalism and integrity, and I knew I had to find a way to work with him. He is willing to adapt as needed for evolving projects. I’ve seen firsthand how this flexibility has ensured every change is for the better. A classic over-deliverer.” ~ David Braughler, Publishing Advisor, Greyden Press LLC